Our Vision

Bring Space experience to everyone, everywhere, every day

At Space Store, our vision is to transcend the bounds of Earth and bring the wonders of space within reach of everyone, everywhere, every day.

Through immersive space-themed experiences like virtual reality, authentic replica astronaut space suits and engaging educational activities, we aspire to ignite the spirit of exploration and curiosity in all individuals, fostering a deeper connection with the cosmos and inspiring the next generation of space enthusiasts.


Build a network of space-themed retail and experience & edutainment hubs across the UK.

At Space Store, our mission is to establish a dynamic network of space-themed retail and experiential edutainment hubs across the UK.

By curating captivating spaces that blend retail, entertainment, and education, we aim to immerse individuals of all ages in the wonders of space exploration, fostering a community of discovery, inspiration, and boundless imagination.

Visit us at Space Store Oxford.


Space-themed Experiences, Events and Merchandise

We offer an array of space-themed experiences, events, and merchandise. From immersive adventures to curated events and unique merchandise, we bring the excitement and wonder of space exploration to life for all enthusiasts.

Our Purpose

Inspire, Inform, & Involve

Our purpose is to inspire, inform, and involve everyone with the infinite wonders of space. Through engaging experiences, enlightening education, and inclusive events, we aim to spark curiosity, deepen understanding, and foster a vibrant community passionate about the exploration of space.

Mike Smith
“Very enjoyable afternoon”
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A very enjoyable experience with something for all age groups and experience. Everything included in the price so no extra costs.
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My son absolutely loved his day. We had such a great time and learnt so much!
Ron Lowley
“Astronaut experience”
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This was everything that I hoped that it would be. From start to finish it was slick, well explained and thoroughly enjoyable. Our guides knowledge was exceptional and the practical experiences were very good. Well worth a visit.
Ben Herrington
“Great fun and informative”
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A great session of VR, AR, trying on space suits, touching meteorites and learning and trying space food! My 5 year old and I had a fantastic time.
“Great Experience for two”
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Great day for my son (5yo) and me. Got to hold space rocks from the moon. VR was fun too. Staff are brilliant and friendly. Picked up some merch from them too. Great time.
Nick Rutherford
“The final frontier - in Oxfordshire!”
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This was an enjoyable couple of hours. Our guide, Natalie, was very knowledgeable and friendly.
“Out of this world!”
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Took my partner for her birthday and had the best time! Really informative but also fun. Trying on the space suits was our favourite part. Don’t forget to film yourself doing the astronaut walk using the slow mo function!
“What a fun afternoon!”
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I took my 10 year old granddaughter to this experience and we both had a fabulous time. The VR was, as always, very exciting though we quickly worked out we'd be rubbish astronauts! The staff were very friendly and accommodating.
Kelly A
“Awesome Astronaut fun”
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My 4yr old space mad daughter and I had a great time. She was able to take part in everything and really loved the VR experience. The activities were led by Ruth who kept everyone engaged and was clearly very knowledgeable. All in all a really great day for anyone who has an interest in space. The store staff were also really friendly. Highly recommended.
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