OSS Helical AR Experience

Welcome to the AR Helical Antenna experience

Using your iPhone or iPad device*, let’s bring the Helical Antenna to life with Augmented Reality:

  1. Point your device towards a cleared surface such as a desktop or the floor
  2. Press the “Experience Helical” button below
  3. Once redirected, Tap the white screen to begin exploring Helical (may take a few taps!)
  4. Follow your device’s calibration instructions
  5. The helical antenna appears on your device

Navigation Tips:  

  • Pinch (using thumb and finger to change the size of the antenna
  • Move device in, out and around to see all the details of the antenna
  • Tap to animate the Helical antenna’s deployment sequence, tap again to see the sequence in slow motion
  • Move model using two fingers

*Not currently available on Android devices

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