1.3M to 1 Print


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We call this print 1.3 Million-to-One. Why? Because that is how many Earth’s would fit inside the sun!

Experience a version of the “overview effect” by hanging this image on your wall.  Drawn to scale (diameter not distance!), feel the massiveness of the sun by barely making out its curvature when compared to the Earth.

“You do, from that perspective, see the Earth as a planet. You see the sun as a star – we see the sun in a blue sky, but up there, you see the sun in a black sky. So, yeah, you are seeing it from the cosmic perspective.”

– Jeff Hoffman, Shuttle Astronaut

Lithograph printed on archival-quality paper.

Available Sizes:

• 5″ x 7″ (12.7cm x 17.8cm)