3D Printed Earth Globe – False Colour Relief


Hold our home planet in your hand! Experience major geological features over and under the ocean such as the Andes or the Trans-Atlantic ridge with this beautiful false colour topographic Earth. The 3D surface relief detail is generated using actual NASA data.

The colour represents elevation, with the darkest blues representing the lowest points and the bright reds and whites the highest.

The altitudes have been scaled to make for a more tactile object since Earth’s surface to scale would be too smooth to perceive.

With special thanks and credit to the Blue Marble Next Generation – A true colour earth dataset including seasonal dynamics from MODIS. Published by the NASA Earth Observatory.

  • 70mm Diameter
  • 3D-Printed
  • False Colour Relief
  • Made in the UK
  • Black High-Grade Plastic Display Stand
  • There is a 1.6 cm hole at the bottom of the globe to allow it to remain upright without the stand.

3D printed globes are brought to you in cooperation with Little Planet Factory. Find even more selection at www.littleplanetfactory.com!