3D Printed Earth Globe – The Blue Marble


Looking back from more than 200,000 miles away, the crew of Apollo 8 saw Earth floating “like a Christmas tree ornament lit up in space, fragile-looking”. They pointed their cameras through smeared porthole windows and began snapping. It seems almost incredible now, but nobody thought to take a photo of Earth until they saw it, because nobody had seen it before. Hold this photo-realistic 3D printed globe with stitched together Apollo-era images at arms length to experience what the astronauts saw when travelling to the moon!
  • 70mm Diameter
  • 3D-Printed
  • Made in the UK
  • Black High-Grade Plastic Display Stand

There is a 1.6 cm hole at the bottom of the globe to allow it to remain upright without the stand.

3D printed globes are brought to you in cooperation with Little Planet Factory. Find even more selection at www.littleplanetfactory.com!