3D Printed Globe – The Moon


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Hold the Moon in the palm of your hand! Experience the contrasting differences between the smooth surface of the frozen lava seas and the roughness of the crater-heavy far side of the Moon. The 3D surface detail is generated using actual NASA data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.  The colour is accurately mapped onto the surface of the geometry with the far side darker and vividly different from the elevated South Pole – Aitken basin, which is the result of a colossal impact. The altitudes have been scaled to make for a more tactile object since the features, to real scale, would be near imperceptible to human touch.
  • 70mm Diameter
  • 3D-Printed
  • Made in the UK
  • Black High-Grade Plastic Display Stand

There is a 1.6 cm hole at the bottom of the globe to allow it to remain upright without the stand.

3D printed globes are brought to you in cooperation with Little Planet Factory. Find even more selection at www.littleplanetfactory.com!