3D Printed Mars Globe – False Colour Relief


Based on MOLA data from the Mars Global Surveyor, this “false colour” colouration is a representation of global elevation differences mapped to a gradient. From white for the highest peaks, to red and yellow, to blue and purple for the lowest plains and basins.

Such a globe can allow someone to quickly get a feel of the planet’s overall geology. Such as the enormous Mons, the smooth northern hemisphere or the enormous Hellas Planitia impact basin.

Elevation features have been slightly exaggerated in the z-axis as to make more features other than the Mons more prominent, since to real scale most features would be imperceptible to human touch.

  • 70mm Diameter
  • 3D-Printed
  • False Colour Relief
  • Made in the UK
  • Black High-Grade Plastic Display Stand

There is a 1.6 cm hole at the bottom of the globe to allow it to remain upright without the stand.

3D printed globes are brought to you in cooperation with Little Planet Factory. Find even more selection at www.littleplanetfactory.com