Astroscale Space Sweepers Sticker Set


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Every day billions of people around the world rely on data from satellites to go about their lives. We exchange messages, talk to family and friends, check the weather, manage finances, and undertake numerous other tasks. In short, without satellite data, the lives of people around the world would be dramatically different.  And now the source of this data is at growing risk of being destroyed by space debris. There are 100’s of millions of objects from <1cm to large defunct satellites orbiting the Earth, and this figure is about to increase dramatically.

Astroscale is the first private company with a mission to secure long-term spaceflight safety and orbital sustainability for the benefit of future generations. They are developing innovative and scalable solutions for satellite end-of-life and active debris removal services to mitigate the growing and hazardous build-up of debris in space.  Astroscale is also helping to define the business case for the space debris market sector and is working with national space agencies, international institutions, non-profit organizations, insurance companies and satellite operators to develop norms, regulations and incentives that contribute to the responsible use of space.

Astroscale employees are today’s Space Sweepers.

Support sustainable space by getting your limited edition Astroscale stickers today!

Product information:
– 2 stickers per sheet
– Approx. sticker sheet size 110 x 220mm