Blast Off with a Rocket Scientist!


Blast Off with Rocket Scientist, CEO and Founder of Space Store Stephen Ringler during an exclusive, in-store experience for up to six people from the same family, household or bubble.

We’ve got the social distancing requirements and health and safety angle covered so that you don’t have to worry about a thing!

DURATION: 30 minutes to 4 hours (depending on activities selected)


  • x2 activities £79.99
  • x3 activities £119.99
  • x4 activities £139.99
  • x5 activities £149.99

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Also available as Experience Vouchers. Great gift ideas!


We provide:

  • Stephen Ringler to host your experience with space facts and expertise along the way!
  • Activities throughout your session, tailored to meet your booking and exclusive to your group, choose from a selection of the below activities to tailor your experience:
    1. Virtual reality: You can chose two of three activities from a EVA (space walk), cave dive, or mission launch
    2. Augmented Reality: An interactive experience of computer-generated imagery of our Solar System followed by a quiz to test your knowledge
    3. Meteorites: Real space rocks for you to hold; touch, feel and learn about their origin and what they are made of
    4. Replica Tim Peake Space Suit: try on a replica Sokol space suit for each member of your group
    5. Satellite Treasure Hunt: An interactive exploration of satellite images, find the landmarks!
    6. Eat Like an Astronaut: Discover what astronauts eat in space and have a go at making your own meal
    7. Build a Satellite: Learn to build and operate an ‘UBO’ satellite
    8. Astronaut Certificate: Individual feature photographs for each member of the group

If you’d like to visit Space Store for a party or celebration, we can even provide a space themed celebration cake! Just let us know.

Great for adults and kids!

Please click below to share your requirements to develop an exclusive and bespoke activity for your group.

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