Do You Know About Space?


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“Sarah Cruddas brings to life our fascination with space and addresses this childhood curiosity with patience, insight and stunning visual imagery provided by NASA […] a stimulating and useful tool for anyone (child or adult) seeking answers about space.”

About Do You Know About Space?

Amazing answers to more than 200 awesome space questions! Do You Know About Space? takes the reader on a galactic journey to answer all the probing questions children ask about space. What is a shooting star? Why is Jupiter stripy? Is anyone else out there?

Featuring the most amazing space pictures from NASA, as well as the latest space news, this is a book perfect for young space fans as well as children new to the subject. Do You Know About Space? covers the Solar System, stars, galaxies, space exploration, and much more! The book has clear and simple text, so information is easily accessible and utterly fascinating for children aged 6 to 8 years old.

Featuring answers to more than 200 questions, Do You Know About Space? is the ideal book for kids who want to learn about the Universe.

By Sarah Cruddas (Author)

Recommended Reading Age: 6-9

Print length: 144 pages

Language: English

Publication date: 7 September 2017