El Boludo


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A natural fragment of the El Boludo meteorite.

Specimen Name: El Boludo

Specimen Type: Chondrite

Location of Find: Mexico

Date of Find: 2015

This meteorite is made up of Ordinary chondrite

Numerous fragments and several whole stones, totaling 19.62 kg, were found by an American prospector, Greg Bruce, and his hunting partners in Sonora, Mexico. The first piece (and the largest), a complete individual weighing 2396 g, was found on the surface in a sandy area on the eastern side of a large dry wash, a few kilometers northwest of the town of El Boludo. A search with metal detectors of the surrounding area produced numerous additional fragments and a few smaller whole stones. 

The meteorite comes in a small plastic casing with foam to protect each fragment. As well as a Specimen Identification Card for you to display at home. This is perfect as a gift!

Each of our El Boludo fragments is similar to the one shown in the image, however no two fragments are identical.