Exploration Space – 1-Hour Online Space Experience


This hour-long, interactive online event includes a satellite treasure hunt, augmented reality, and meteorite activity all hosted LIVE by a Space Store team member using ZOOM.

We’ll send you everything needed to complete the experience in a neat Space Store activity box!

DURATION: 1 hour

PRICE: £39.99 per household (up to 5 people)

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Also available as Experience Vouchers.  Great gift ideas!


We provide:

  • ZOOM meeting details for your scheduled slot
  • Live host to guide your experience with space facts and expertise along the way!
  • Activity box with FREE shipping – an over £40 retail value! – with products to keep
    1. Satellite Treasure Hunt: An interactive exploration of satellite images, find the landmarks!
    2. Augmented Reality: An interactive experience of computer-generated imagery of our Solar System followed by a quiz to test your knowledge.
    3. Meteorites: Real space rocks for you to hold; touch, feel and learn about their origin and what they are made of.

You provide:

  • Up to 5 people per ticket
  • Device to join Zoom call
  • A separate Apple or Google Play compatible device for Augmented Reality activity – either tablet or smart phone – trust us, this is worth it!

Currently available in the UK only. Great for ages 4 and up!

Please book at least two weeks ahead for activity box(es) to arrive before event.

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