Libyan Desert Glass – (Duplicate Imported from WooCommerce)



A natural fragment of Libyan Desert Glass


Specimen Name: Libyan Desert Glass

Specimen Type: Impactite

Location: Sahara, Libya

Date of Find: Unknown


Libyan Desert Glass is a rare and beautiful impact glass, found in only one remote location on Earth, near the Libyan/Egyptian border. It is associated with an ancient meteorite impact, which occurred somewhere in the North African deserts. Quality specimens are translucent, and also display pseudo regmaglypts, possibly caused by wind erosion, or by ablation when molten fragments were thrown into the air following impact.

The Desert Glass comes in a small plastic casing and foam to protect each fragment. As well as a Specimen Identification Card for you to display at home. This is perfect as a gift!

Each of our Libyan Desert Glass fragments is similar to the one shown in the image, however no two fragments are identical.


XS– 0.2G-0.5G

S– 0.6G-0.8G

M– 1G-1.8G

L– 4.3G-4.7G