Satellite Space – 1.5 hour Space Experience

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During this talk we will discuss the gathering of satellite data and its application in everyday life, which will lead into:

Build a Satellite

Our interactive activity is based around building and operating a small satellite. The satellite is built with the same capability of a larger satellite, simply on a smaller scale. The activity introduces participants to different types of satellites, components and their real-life applications.
Participants physically assemble their own ‘UBO’ satellite using the different components and carry out an investigation, involving utilising the on-board camera to take a satellite-selfie and sensors to take important temperature measurements!
The UBO kit can be used to develop further activities based around the application of satellites and varied for different age groups and abilities.

Satellite Treasure Hunt

The satellite treasure hunt is a short activity consisting of a talk on Earth observation satellites, it’s applications and how the images are used in our everyday lives, followed by a treasure hunt.
In groups, participants will complete worksheets using Earth imagery maps to identify landmarks and points of interest collected by satellites.

Space Store
45 Orchard Street
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“All children under the age of 14, must be accompanied by a responsible ticketed person aged 14 or over for the duration of the experience.”