A natural fragment of the Seymchan meteorite.


Specimen Name: Seymchan

Specimen Type: Pallasite

Location of Find: Russia

Date of Find: 1967

The main massĀ  of Seymchan was found during a survey in June 1967 by geologist F. A. Mednikov. The mass was a triangular-shaped thumb printed meteorite lying among the stones of the brook bed. A second specimen was found with a mine detector at a distance of 20 m from the first in October 1967 by I. H. Markov.


The meteorite comes in a small plastic casing with foam to protect each fragment. As well as a Specimen Identification Card for you to display at home. This is perfect as a gift!

Each of our Seymchan fragments is similar to the one shown in the image, however no two fragments are identical.