Sikhote – Alin


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A natural fragment of the Sikhote – Alin meteorite.

Specimen Name: Sikhote – Alin

Specimen Type: Iron

Location of Find: Maritime provinces, Russia

Date of Fall: 12 February 1947

At approx 10:30 on 12 February 1947, eyewitnesses in the Sikhote-Alin Mountains, Russia, observed a large Meteorite, brighter than the sun, that came From the North. The bright flash and deafening sound of the fall were observed for 300 kilometres (190 mi) around the point of impact.
The first type probably broke off the main object early in the descent. These pieces are characterised by regmaglypts in the surface of each specimen. The second type are fragments that were either torn apart during the atmospheric explosions or blasted apart upon impact. Most were probably the result of the explosion.

The meteorite comes in a small plastic casing with foam to protect each fragment. As well as a Specimen Identification Card for you to display at home. This is perfect as a gift!

Each of our Sikhote – Alin fragments is similar to the one shown in the image, however no two fragments are identical.

Approximately weighs 12.3 grams.

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