The [email protected] 1U Cubesat Model

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Do you want to know more about the inner workings of space hardware? This 117 piece 1U CubeSat model helps you learn the basics of what’s in a satellite and how they tick.

In tandem with [email protected] (pronounced SATSIM), our online virtual aerospace lab, we teach you the key technology behind each component in a CubeSat and the function it performs for the satellite. Assemble your model, and follow along online to launch and operate your satellite in a space environment.

OUR 1U CubeSat includes the below components:
  1. Chassis
  2. Camera module
  3. Spectrometer
  4. Flight Computer
  5. Transceiver
  6. Power System
  7. Solar Array


  • Unpainted laser cut components for creating your CubeSat
    Made from Eco MDF a carbon neutral product
    34x  3 mm thick individual pieces
    83x 1.5 mm thick individual pieces
  • Component schematics
  • Free 12 month access to the 1U CubeSat experience (Internet access required) at
  • Bostik Low Odour Gel Superglue