Swarm Enemy – Tim Peake


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The alien Swarm is back on Earth. Here to recover something that should never have been left behind. But other forces want it too. The Swarm is not the only Enemy…

Danny and Jamila are best friends. Best friends who saved the world from an alien intelligence six months ago. No one else knows and they’ve sworn not to talk about it.
But Jamila has been left with strange superpowers. She can blow a hole in the side of a bus and explode a drone with the wave of a hand. And when Jamila is kidnapped, Danny is the only one who can save her. Agents of the Swarm are after Jamila’s impossible powers, but so is someone else. Someone even more dangerous.
With the fate of whole worlds in the balance, Danny and Jamila hunt for answers in a breathless adventure that stretches from the International Space Station to New York City.  Alone and on the run, they must work out who they can trust – and who truly is their enemy.
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