Wooden solar system puzzle


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Item dimensions L x W x H 40 x 7 x 3 centimetres
Item weight 64.5 Grams

There are eight planets in the solar system orbiting the . Every planet is different: some have moons, some have rings, some are made of rock, and some are made of gas. You can use our puzzles to easily describe all the details to your child. Learn more about space, planets, and moon
It is easy to forget that we live on a small planet in the vast universe. Even if we start talking about it with children, this is a difficult topic to understand. But understanding the solar system at a young age can indeed inspire enthusiasm for astronomy, stimulate imagination and encourage a long-term fascination with outer space.
There are eight planets in the solar system. This wooden puzzle consists of a wooden background with Track and 9 separate parts (the + 8 planets). Labels with different planets on wooden backgrounds.