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We deliver out-of-this-world space experiences to everyone, everywhere, every day.

Space Activity Days

Give your children the perfect fun-filled space-themed activity day this holiday period at Ladygrove Community Centre in Didcot, Oxfordshire. Exciting and adventure-packed activities, games and sports to keep children engaged – promoting creativity, learning, imagination & social skills! Suitable for 5-11 yrs old space fanatics.


Explore 100s of space-themed products for all ages! Shop now for cosmic delights.

Space For Education

Ignite the imagination of young adventurers with the limitless possibilities of Space.

Step into astronaut space suits, captivate yourself with virtual reality experiences, hold rare meteorites from across the globe, and embark on satellite treasure hunts. Explore the cosmos like never before with our exhilarating line-up of interactive educational experiences.

No matter the educational setting – state, independent, or home school – we provide the ultimate experiences to inspire, inform and involve students of all ages.

Space For Business

Out-of-this world space experiences for your team.

We provide captivating edutainment-style experiences tailored for organizations of all sizes.

Elevate your team with our team building and staff appreciation experiences, and provide bespoke event entertainment with virtual reality and inspiring space talks. From dynamic experiences for large conferences to engaging lunchtime activities, our expert space mad team caters to your needs. 

Our Space Partners

Organisations making an impact through Space!

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